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Willoughby Global Enterprises represents a new era in Information Technology Consultancy Services. Although small, we partner with our clients to provide them with the best most cost efficient solutions to their information technology needs.

We are clientcentric...meaning our clients are number one. Our solutions meet your immediate needs and also position you strategically.

Business Technical Services: (i.e., CRM, ERP, AD, CM, QA, PM, etc)

Willoughby Global Enterprises provides services in all of the above areas: Customer Relationship Manage­ment, Enterprise Resource Planning, Application Development, Configuration Management, and Quality As­surance, Project Management. Our Case Management solutions are based on the strategic analysis of the customer's environment.


Willoughby Global Enterprises specializes in the redesign of human processes. Our core competence is change management, configuration management, quality assurance and implementation in dynamic work environments. By leveraging our expertise in human resource management, we are able to develop new workflow processes and coherent policies that can be supported by technology. Our methodology helps ensure the proper analysis of customer and user require­ments. Willoughby Global Enterprises has extensive knowledge and experience in the development of custom information technology solutions. We facilitate collaborative and/or compliance agreements that will enable a project to be fast-tracked with reduced complexity and risks. We also monitor anomalies in the customer's environment to minimize surprises that may impact a project's cost and schedule. Facilitated agreements and customer-desired policies are used to help control the environmental dynamics that can adversely affect the outcome of planned solutions